Satisfy customers
with stores of future!

Your retail needs to be ahead of your competitors to fulfil your customers expectations. Blocks is there for you to do it!

Save time

 of your staff and customers. No more unwanted queues in your stores.


 without need of
a new store.

Be progressive.

Don’t wait for your
competitors to outrun you.

Remember, satisfied customers come back.


unique pick-up point
right in your store. 


shared pick up point
typically in shopping centres
or other public places.

Be ready for the future.

How it works?

As simply as that

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Load on-line orders during less frequent daytimes. Your customers will be automatically notified and your staff will be free to care about customers in need.

What to expect from Blocks?

Modular & customisable

Fits any interior without disrupting its original design. Integrable  into existing lockers.


Our API makes it possible to integrate Blocks right into your CRM system to connect all data.

Admin zone

Clear and smooth admin zone to easily manage all the lockers.


People get automatically notified
when package was loaded or not  picked up via SMS or app.

Future proof HW&SW

Installed hardware is ready for future updates which we do remotely. Thanks to this Blocks  are never getting old.

Listen to your customers, now!