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Efficient locker system

Your organisation needs to work dynamically. This requires a flexible locker system which adapts to its user. Blocks system is smart, self-managing and cost effective which perfectly fits into flexible work culture.

No keys

All you need is just a mobile
phone or access card.

Cost savings

Forget key management.
Blocks provides you easy
management via admin zone.

Mobile app

For your convenience you
can use Blocks via mobile app.
Manage storage right from your seat.

Saves space

Share lockers to achieve
maximal efficiency. Get rid of
occupied empty lockers.

How it works?

As simply as that

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

All you need is just your code from app or sms. It will allow you to manage your things or change the size of locker.

Software makes the difference

Installed hardware is ready for future updates which we
do remotely. Thanks to this Blocks are never getting old.

Admin zone

Clear and smooth admin zone provides data about lockers
usage as possibility to easily manage all the lockers.

Team access & easy sharing

Simply share access with  certain people – whole department
or just your colleague.


Get notified when someone leaves something for you or
your locker is opened.

Software integrations

Does your building already have multiple apps? Blocks can
work perfectly as a solo app as via other platforms to boost flexibility in your workplace.

Enhance flexibility in your office, now!