Smart locker technology for property developers, companies, and stores

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Shared point

Shared point | Blocks

Shared point in
your building.

Smart lockers

Smart lockers | Blocks

Forget keys
Save time and space.

Progressive retail

Progressive retail | Blocks

Satisfied customers
come back.

Blocks is an IoT locker that adds multifunctional pick-up and drop off points to your building, retail store, or agile workspace. Together, Blocks and our partners are creating a unique ecosystem just for you.

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Smart lockers for your flawless operations.

Modular customizable design

build to adapt and blend with any interior.

Unique admin zone

to control everything with ease.

Mobile app

makes using Blocks even easier.

Software makes the difference

Installed hardware is ready for future updates which we do remotely. Thanks to this Blocks are never getting old. Is ready for new technology.

Open API

For integrations to your software to secure the best usage according to your needs.